Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Pretty Little Studio - Home Is Where You Are

Happy Fall Y'all! I spent the morning with the leaf blower. I always wanted a cordless (mine runs on batteries) so I could chase the leaves all down the block. I say if you can make work feel like fun then more power to you!

My thoughts this week are turning to Thanksgiving and I'm having a mental debate as to whether to invite people over or not. I heard on the news that air travel is expecting their busiest day ever, but they are still recommending that each of us spend our holidays at home without guests. 

I'm anxious to have my family gathered around the table Norman Rockwell style, even if it's not always perfect. I think everyone knows they are in my heart no matter where they might physically be. 

Now more than ever I feel like a personal note makes all the difference. This card was made with the Pretty Little Studio Indian Summer Collection. If you love Autumn this is the collection for you! It's a rainbow of fall colors that will make your heart happy! 
Even if you don't find yourself sitting next to your favorite relatives this year make sure you let them know they're in your heart with a simple card filled with love!

Finished Size 4.25 x 5.5"
Pretty Little Studio
Paper | Indian Summer
Die Cuts | Pumpkin Spice |Time Together | Happy Place 2
Sequins | Raindrop | Dreamy Blue