Thursday, December 19, 2019

Jillibean Soup Card Layering Tips

Do you love fancy cards with layers of pretty pattern papers and lots of embellishments but just aren’t sure how to get the look? I’m sharing a few tips today to help inspire you to give pattern paper another look.
Layered cards are a great way to use up your pattern paper scraps. Its fun to arrange the pieces to create a background of beautiful prints. I focus on a specific color and then look for prints that include that same color. This card has four pattern papers that each have the same shade of teal. Using papers from the same collection ensures a perfect color match. These papers are from the Jillibean Soup Garden Harvest Collection.
Arrange papers alternating light and dark patterns. The top of this card has a multi butterfly print, the bottom is a teal gingham print. Notice how the dark floral side strip pops against the lighter patterns.
Once your background papers are assembled its time for embellishing. To prevent the floral print pea pod die cuts from competing with the background papers I added a rectangle of the lightest pattern paper print (the reindeer) over the background papers. 
This card contains several different pattern prints. Notice how the strips are arranged dark next to light.

A simple border punched strip of solid green card stock along the top helps define the border and separate the prints.
I arrange Peapod Die Cuts on a piece of clear plastic the same size as my card base. This allows me to pick up my arrangement and lay it over different colors/patterns of paper to see what looks best. Contrast is always best. Notice how the soft grey milk can is placed over a darker grey print so it is pops off the page. 
Selecting colors that repeat is also helpful in bringing continuity to a design. The red heart on the milk can is repeated in the florals, and the yellow of the sentiment journaling card is repeated in the floral and the butterfly print paper.
You’ll have fun arranging print papers when you look for complimentary colors and remember to contrast dark/solid prints with lighter open prints.

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Lisa Elton said...

No one layers the way you do Jeanne! These are lovely!

Anonymous said...

Marisela Delgado said: Wow, Jeanne, these are fabulous and so beautiful. I love how you added buttons. So darling. Like always, you rocked it! Feliz Navidad, mi amiga.......Marisela