Saturday, September 14, 2019

Jillibean Soup Colorful Rainbow Cards

I confess.. if you ask me my favorite color, I’m going to have a hard time giving you an answer. It’s like trying to choose just one marker from your favorite pack. I can’t live with just one … I want them ALL! 
There’s just something about a rainbow of color that makes my heart happy! Today I’m sharing three cards made with the You Make Miso Happy Collection. The beautiful colors and sweet images are sure to make YOU SO Happy! LOL!
I arrange the Peapod Parts on a clear piece of clear plastic the same size as my card base. When I’m happy with the arrangement I lay the sheet over different pattern papers until I’m happy. 
To keep the florals from disappearing into the “Green Chard” calendar pattern paper I added some circles cut from patterns in the pack that are more “solid” with less intricate patterns. 
A scene card made from pattern papers is sure to make you smile! I cut waves of grass from shades of green pattern paper. The blue sky is cut from a 4x6 journaling card print. 
To add dimension and life to the card the big blue house is attached flat to the card while the other two houses are adhered with adhesive foam tape. TIP: You can make your own adhesive foam tape by adding double sided tape to inexpensive craft foam.
A little imagination turns the Peapod Parts leaf shapes into trees and a yellow doily shape becomes a sun.
This will be a great card to welcome someone to the neighborhood, or congratulate them on a new home.
My most favorite images to work with are FLOWERS! Like a butterfly, I’m drawn to their color and scent. These are so pretty! Just a feast for my eyes!
Again, I arranged the florals on a piece of plastic. I “grounded” them by adding a blue print along the bottom of the card. This prevents the images from looking like they’re “floating”.
I try to add elements in threes. The focal point is the three large flowers adhered with adhesive foam tape. Next I tuck the leaves under the florals. 
The finishing touches are the accents.. the little bird, dark blue florals and flowers flitting by. A blue doily makes a sunny sky for our beautiful garden. 
Are you smiling? Then our beautiful rainbow colors did the trick!

All Cards Finished Size 4.25 x 5.5”
Paper | Jillibean Soup You Make Miso Happy
Peapod Parts | Jillibean Soup You Make Miso Happy

You Make Miso Happy Collection
You Make Miso Happy Collection
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You Make Miso Happy Peapod Parts
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Lisa Elton said...

These are bright, cheerful and adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love the cards, so beautiful with great details :-).