Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Senior Sports Night

Don't you hate when you get thrown into a project at the last minute?  It seems like it's always for school doesn't it?  Well I can't blame this one on my son.    I called to RSVP for the high school cross country senior night and to find out what I could do to help.   There will be a pot luck dinner and each of the boys were asked to bring a small gift for each of the seniors that represents them.  For example a slower boy might bring a turtle candy.   

I got charged with getting the bags the kids are putting the gifts in for the seniors.  It was recommended that I get brown grocery store bags and just write the kids names on them.  Well I thought I could do a little better than that, considering I am a paper crafting goddess right?  HAHA!!  I went to the dollar store to search for large plain white or blue bags (our school colors).  There were none to be found so I detoured across the street to Walmart.  Yes, they had big blue bags with handles, but they were $5 each and pretty flimsy.  I started getting bummed when I walked past these reusable shopping bags in the perfect shade of blue - and what a deal at 50 cents each!!  The only problem - that big corporate logo on the front. 
Well since I had to make a name tag anyway.... I figured why not make it big and sporty thus the pennant.  I cut them out quick and easy on my Cricut - the hardest part was the size.  I had to use my 12 x 24" cutting sheet and I used poster board for my paper. I wanted it them to be strong enough to hold up for the night.  Here's the finished project.
Oh, and those neat rosettes at the top of the page - those are getting tucked into bud vases (my other assignment).  Don't ask me how many I made - my hand may never straighten out!!  Good thing I'm a mom and I can do anything!  Gosh... I just hope I don't embarrass my son!!  Oh well!!


Supplies Used
Cricut Cartridge Pennant from Baseball, Font Varsity
Paper - Poster board
Bags:  Walmart
Twine:  Twinery Denim
Wood Skewers
Spellbinder Standard Circles, Picot Edge circles
Ribbon 5/8" Blue Robert Stanley (Hobby Lobby)
Border Punch:  Fiskars


Helen Berry said...

Oh Jeanne - you Papercrafting Goddess!! LOL! Yes you have DEFINITELY done your son {SO} proud. These are brilliant and those kids have something unique to take away from the event. They're so COOL! Hope it all goes well x x

Lisa Minckler said...

Turtle candy...hahhahaha (sorry). Secondly, brown sacks with Sharpie names....Hahahahahaha. I can almost see the disgust in your face when you heard those words. ;) Aaaaaand of course you came through like a sport with this totally innovative gift bag idea and thrifty to boot!
These look so wonderful. I only hope the physical therapy in your hand helps to regain mobility! :D
High five and touchdown on this post my friend!!!

Jinny Newlin said...

What a great idea, Jeanne! These are fantastic, and I'm sure everyone, at the potluck, will be in awe of your talent! Watch out, though. You may just get roped into a lot more last minute projects ;). Hugs!

The Paper Parade said...

WOW you stampin' GODDESS!!! :) I love it :) Your son's team is soooo lucky...they are spoiled with all this beautiful team spirit you will bring. You are so creative to cover the wal-mart logo with the awesome pendants.

Marybeth said...

You are AMAZING! I am sure , I could never see you bringing a brown paper bag. That made me smile. I love the pendents you made and so will they. The bags are so perfect! I bet it took quite a bit of time. You will need a dog sitter next time you do all that work. You will be the talk of the dinner tonight. Thanks for sharing . WOW!

Cathy Weber said...

Now I would have probably gone the paper bag route...but then I wasn't a crafter when my kids were in school, but I know for sure I couldn't have done as great a job as you did. The pennant to cover the Walmart logo was genius! I love the font you used for their names, so collegiate! I love that word. All twine and I can only imagine how long it took you to make those rosettes. So much scoring and folding! Beautiful job and I am sure your son will love it.

Joyce said...

You certainly are a papercrafting goddess. Add to that, mom of the year, and you're set. Such a great idea to make those pennants, and I'm sure all the kids will be proudly sporting their bags to all their meets this year. Cool rosettes, too. Looks like you might have pulled an all nighter?

anya said...

Wow. WOW! You knocked *my* socks off, so I can't even imagine what you'll do to theirs! These are so fabulous - the pennants add so much spunk to the bags, and it is always so nice to recognize students by name like this. The rosettes are fabulous - I hope they'll save them and use them again.. I can tell they were a labor of love (the twine wrapped sticks may have put me over the edge!!) I do believe you have officially qualified for paper crafting goddess, girlfriend! ;)

JJ Bolton said...

Seriously? Seriously? I'm picking up my jaw off the floor now:) You are just a paper crafting force of nature! Everything turned out fantastic! Whether or not he'd admit it, I'm sure your son was so proud of all the cool things his mom made:)