Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sprinkled With Love!

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.  I got a little yard work done pulling weeds - ouch the mosquitoes are horrible!  DH and son went off to help at the church carnival so a little quiet time for me today.  Miss Moriko is in trouble again - she chewed the wood trim around the bathroom door!  I will be happy when she outgrows her taste for wood.  Still trying to find the rainbow in that little tragedy..  A new door frame?

Have you seen the Waltzingmouse latest release?  There are lots of goodies you're going to have a hard time passing on!  Check out that stitched scalloped rectangle - yep!  that's new to the store.. and.. all those cute little donuts are from the new Dinky Donuts set.
The confetti on the card is a new shaker blend from Waltingmouse too - its the Peaches and Dream mix.  It has lots of fun little shapes like the flower, and star as well as the regular circle shapes you'd expect.

The doughnuts come in three sizes and have different "toppings" you can stamp in a rainbow of colors.   IF you want to die cut them it's a cinch with a standard circle die.   The "Sprinkled with Love" sentiment is from the "We Go Together" set that has lots of cute doughnut inspired sentiments.

You can see all the new Waltzingmouse goodies here.. AND if you're looking for a sale you just have to check out the sale page.  Claire is making room for new releases and offering some of the existing sets at 50-75% off.  

Finished Size:  4.25 x 5.5"
Stamps: Waltzingmouse Dinky Doughnuts, We Go Together
Dies:  Waltzingmouse Stitched Scalloped Rectangles
Confetti:  Waltzingmouse  Peaches and Dream Shaker Mix
Ink Pigment - Impress Fresh Ink


Julia Aston said...

Such a fun card Jeanne - the donuts are so colorful and yummie!

Tenia Nelson said...

Too cute!!

Joyce said...

This is adorable. Love the different little sequins and your soft color scheme. Sorry your dog is being so naughty. Have you tried spraying that yuck stuff? That cured Sherlock right away from all his naughty chewing.

Kelly S. said...

Love this Jeanne! So delicious!!

Marybeth said...

Oh, this card is so sweet and colorful! Love the scalloped layers and now Im hungry. Oh no ,that big pup of yours needs a doughnut instead of wood. LOVE your photo!

Nancy Penir said...

Haven't inked up this set yet, but when I do, I have all your wonderful inspiration to, well, inspire. Pastel precious doughy delight!

Cathy Weber said...

What I wouldn't give for one of those yummy doughnuts right now! They are so cute and I can see how fun it would be to stop them in all kinds of colors with different toppings. What is it with dogs and chewing wood? I have a table leg that has similar damage but don't want to replace an entire set of furniture for one piece! Sounds like you are having a great weekend, minus the mosquitos! Cute card Jeanne!

Kim Heggins said...

LOVE this card...I really LOVE this card and all those yummy looking doughnuts too!!!

Sharron said...

Those doughnuts look fabulous! Love all the yummy toppings! So sorry about your naughty little girl. Dogs can be such stinkers. We used that bitter stuff that Joyce mentioned when our Sheltie was a pup and it worked with him. Best of luck!!