Saturday, May 7, 2016

Elisha's Graduation Hat

Today is the big day!  My oldest is graduating from college!  It's been 5 years - for good reason.  Like most people that go to college she started having doubts about her major.   She started in Accounting and started leaning toward Marketing.  Before it was over she decided to finish what she started and then some.  She's graduating with honors and two bachelors degrees!  

I wasn't aware that it was a "thing" in college to decorate your cap.  Maybe because this time around we actually bought the cap and gown instead of renting it?  I don't know where or how it began - all I know is that this one was on me - no passing off to Dad this time!   Why does everyone think it's so easy to do what we do? LOL!!
I can't tell you how frightening it was to pop that little button off the top of the cap and start hot gluing glittery paper to the top!  Elisha's a girly girl.. she wanted lots of bling - a pearl trim around the edge of the cap, her name in pearly letters, and lots of paper flowers with pearl accents and die cut gold leaves. 
One more picture for you - the girl of the day with her fancy hat!  I sure hope she loves it as much as she says.
 My little baby is all grown up!   Congratulations Elisha!  We're so very proud of you! 

Glitter Paper | Recollections
Pearl Letters | Paper Studio (Hobby Lobby)
Pearl Trim | Hobby Lobby
Paper Flowers |
Die Cuts | Spellbinder Romantic Vines, Foliage

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BenteS said...

Congratulations on your daughter's graduation!
Wish you all a day to remember!
And the hat is fantastic, the embellishments are awesome, so beautiful with all the pearls and flowers.
You have done a great piece of work here!

Tracey McNeely said...

Of my goodness Jeanne her grad cap is just so gorgeous. So perfect for a girly girl!! I asked my daughter about the grad cap 'thing' of which she said yay everyone is doing it. So I am pinning this because I will be obviously decorating hers in four more years!! Happy graduation to Elisha and you should all be so proud, graduating after five years with a double bachelor is fantastic!!

Patti said...

I am so happy you shared!! Your daughter looks so much like you! you both have that beautiful winning smile!

I love the hat you created! What a precious keepsake! and a fun tradition.

Congrats Mom on your whole family's success!!


pam said...

Jeanne, you and your husband must be so proud of your lovely Daughter, Congratulation to her, you have done her proud with the decoration on this hat! is look amazing.. Something she will treasure from her Mum.
Hugs sweet lady Pam x

Shirley said...

Congrats to your daughter. Nice cap decoration.

richardbreaks said...

Holy smokes! That is SOOOOOOO amazing! That's one to frame and keep, for sure. She better not be tossing that baby into the air at the end of the ceremony!
Beautiful job, my friend. Truly.

Diane Jaquay said...

Huge congrats to your daughter, Jeanne, I can tell you're one proud mamma!! The hat is over the top GORGEOUS, you did a superb job embellishing it!!!

Mary said...

I love it! Great job mom! Congrats Elisha, job well done!

Joyce said...

Congratulations to your daughter. 2 degrees in only 5 years--that is a wonderful accomplishment. Her cap is so wonderfully decorated--I'll bet it is the best one at the commencement.

Kim Heggins said...

OH are simply amazing! I love what you did on your daughters graduation cap, just fabulous. She should be so proud. Happy Mother's Day!

cm said...

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter's graduation, with honors! You've created a gorgeous grad cap for her; I can visualize how proud and stunning she was wearing it. The essence of your post, in sharing your love and pride in her, touches my heart. I'm certain this was a most memorable weekend all around...treasured moments!

Sharron said...

Congratulations to your daughter! What a wonderful accomplishment to earn two degrees. Her cap is gorgeous and I'm sure she loved it--beautiful memento for a very lovely girl!

Julia Aston said...

Big congrats to you and your daughter, Jeanne . You must be so proud! Love how you decorated her cap!

Donna said...

Really stunning, Jeanne :)

Jinny Newlin said...

Sounds like your beautiful baby loves school as much as I did. I, too, got two degrees in four years. I even graduated with a 4.0. Gosh, I'm such a nerd! LOL! You've done such a beautiful job with her hat, love! Absolutely stunning! LOVE all the girly details, and the yellow flowers stand out beautifully against that black, glitter paper! Way to go, Mom! Give yourself a pat on the back for two jobs well done... Getting your baby through college with flying colors and creating a treasure to showcase her special day. Hugs!